Deep River Media offers a wide range of cost effective IT & CCTV services to companies across Northern Ireland. Services range from connecting small new start business securely to the internet to link large multi site groups to their mobile sales staff and head office locations.

We can provide groups with custom digital CCTV solutions which work alongside their computer systems allowing them to remotely manager and control their business from home or while on the move. We pride ourselves on being able to integrate these technologies to give you greater flexibility with your time and allow you to spend more time working with your own customers.

Whether your computer systems are brand new or a little out of date we can work with you to provide support and advise on how new technology could make your business more efficient. We provide full staff training after adding new features or to help them get greater use from current systems. Most importantly we can provide your business with a single point of contact when the worst does happen to get you up and running again as quickly as possible!