Building access control is one of the newest technologies to market allowing clients to control entry to all areas of the building while sitting at your office computer or working from home. This works by integrating with electronic door locks using key cards, swipe cards or biometrics to allow users entry to that room while logging their access and providing video footage of any movements. Access systems can also be used to protect secure areas, stock rooms or even as a clock in system for staff.

Access Control features include: -

    - Remote Management & Control allows management to block access to the specific parts of a building at the touch of a button from any location using the remote access software. This means if a card or access is lost or stolen you can safe in the knowledge that your business is secure without having to change expensive locks and keys at all times. Access can be granted temporarily to an area or room allowing maintenance firms or staff to work without having full access to your business. This type of security management is perfect for any range of company especially those with remote or multi-sites or firms with higher levels of staff turnover.

    - CCTV Integration adds the ultimate security package to any business or larger office environment adding images and video footage to any access log. Every time a door is opened or a user tries to access an area which they are not permitted the system logs the user id, date & time, video footage of entry or attempts and the area of the building. This can be reviewed at any time using advanced search facilities or by setting up management email alerts for certain areas or times. If an attempt is made users will be emailed the user id and camera image.