We integrate a wide range of different audio and video systems into many different businesses and applications. All of our systems can be remotely controlled from the office PC or offsite adding to the remote management of your business using a laptop or in some cases a mobile phone! This range includes: -

    - MP3 music systems for restaurants, bars and nightclubs which can be used along side or to replace DJ’s on quieter nights. With automated playlists setup by clients music can be tailored to different times of the day or week and easily change or added to.

    - Large / Multi Screen Video Systems which allow clients to span video and images across multiple screen or projectors creating video walls of virtually any size. These video systems can also share a single video input to multiple locations or mixing inputs together to include CCTV cameras, DVDs and custom video sources. Sources can all be controlled from a central location and changed at the touch of a button or even scheduled to change automatically.

    - Computer based video systems to allow data from telephone systems or databases to be displayed in an office or call centre environment. This can be used to run advertising for customers visiting your premises or for conference and training facilities with projectors or the use of interactive whiteboards.

    - Advanced Video Conferencing installation for firms communicating with client or suppliers in different offices or countries. The latest technology has made it possible to view project management software and work on shared documents with a client or colleague while viewing an audio and video feed. This saves time and money as decisions can be made instantly and without duplication or waiting days for hard copies and emails.