We can provide technology consultancy for virtually any size of project from a new hotel or office building to new software development and database integration. This can save businesses thousands of pounds and months of development time by ensuring you have the right people for the project, they are charging a fair amount for the work and ongoing trouble shooting. This is especially useful when you have multiple suppliers on a project or do not have much experience with technology or integration.

We have worked with a wide range of suppliers over the last 10 years providing telephone systems, EPOS tills, back-office systems, electrical installation and air-conditioning.  Our extensive knowledge of products and costs to ensures you get the best deal and timescale for your project. We can work to integrate these technologies with your current network and provide alternative services if current suppliers are not performing.

When Deep River Media cannot provide a solution of service in house we can select and work with a supplier who can, all with one single point of contact for you.