We provide networking solutions for virtually any sized business from linking PCs in a single office to 100s of PCs in multiple offices or locations. We work with many different types of networking including wired, wireless and remote VPN [virtual private network] to provide solutions to any problem. We begin by visiting your business to discuss with your specific requirement and then design a layout to meet your needs within your budget.

Networking your business is essential in a modern environment to help offices share information and work more efficiently. Ultimately networking reduces the amount of resources required, saving money on duplicate printers, servers and communication costs in each office. With new technology offices can now be mobile, setting up in temporary locations with 3G internet and remote management software allowing you to run your business from a central location or work from home.

We can provide cost effective wireless networking to any business when a conventional cabling solution is not possible for small laptop based offices or used externally to connect building across roads or fields up to 2kms away. VPNs may be used when it comes to connecting computers in different country together as if they were in the same office sharing information or contributing to ongoing projects. Many of our retail customers now use this technology to link shop tills, warehouses and offices together onto one large secure network that is managed from one central location.