We can provide PC and server based solutions for virtually any size of business from single offices looking to centrally manage file sharing and printers to larger firms requiring email and database management features. Working with your current layout we will design a completely new system incorporating the new features required while phasing out the old. We provide onsite staff training at each stage of the upgrade to ensure your business continues running smoothly.

Centrally managing IT services will save clients time and money allowing information to be shared and updated by many users at the same time. These systems allow remote users to contribute data on the move or from a different office or share group email and customer contact information. Users can also share internet connections, printers, faxing and security devices.

Server based solutions can include: -

    - Microsoft SBS [Small Business Server] installation and setup for clients is generally our most popular server configuration although we can install and manage many different types of server platform and software if a customer has a preference. SBS allows small and medium sized companies to install professional servers within their budget with all the same features as larger setups.

    - Microsoft Exchange allows any business to start centrally managing their email, contacts, calendar and daily tasks. Users can share information inside the office using desktop and laptop PCs but also on remote devices such as BlackBerry’s or phones for synchronised email while on the move. This allows users to stay part of the office and keep in contact with client when required

    - Remote connection to your files, databases and customer records is vital for many businesses give users the option to work from home or another office. Owners can access information when onsite with a client saving long phone calls and multiple visits. This feature also allows us to remotely support your systems repairing around 90% of errors and completing general maintenance without having to visit your office. Callout times are greatly reduced in this situation or work can be easily completed outside normal business hours.