Security threats and recovery solutions are often over looked in most business until the worst happens. Deep River Media can work with you and provide a cost effect strategy for your staff to ensure all aspects of your systems are secure. After all if a server or computer system fails then most business will be paralysed from working or communicating.

Threats to your system can come from a variety of areas from virus’s attached to emails, external hacking, staff, electrical and system failure. Many clients may not even be aware that they have serious issues until a complete review is completed. We will with you to install and setup system Firewalls both hardware and software based to stop attacks from the internet.

Next we will review and upgrade if required your current Antivirus, Anti-spam and Content Management software as these are the most common causes of system failure. At this stage we will work with staff to ensure these are kept up-to-date at all times and provide weekly maintenance schedules.

Most importantly we will setup automated backup and recovery procedures for your business. In the event the worst happens you are safe in the knowledge that all is not lost and you can be back up and running within hours. Most security services can be remotely managed by Deep River Media or in-house when required as they critical to your business.